Up Close & Personal

I am warm, affectionate, and grounded woman and I create a space in which you can feel at ease.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of touch and human connection.

I am both intuitive and playful, comfortable in my body and equally as comfortable with yours.



I am well-read, easy to talk to, and deeply enjoy this work because it brings out my most feminine qualities.

I am both sweet and passionate, depending on what needs to come out of me in the moment!


I love spending time in nature, especially anywhere I can swim naked! Hot springs are my favorite place to relax.

I’m a free spirit and an easygoing, down-to-earth woman.


Please NO COLOGNE or strong-scented deodorants. I know you want to present yourself as your best,

but I’m sensitive to strong scents. I much prefer you natural!


Gifts are not required, but I love extra appreciation. I love receiving beeswax candles (or any plant-based wax),

a spa giftcard (Tikkun or Raven Spa in Santa Monica), or an Erewhon gift card.



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